Haww! Living alone?

Living alone?

Why would you do that to yourself? Who would you talk to?

Don’t you feel alone?

It’s so difficult to do everything on your own.


Ridiculous! But by the way, everything is true.

Despite all of this, people opt to stay by themselves. WHY?

I stay alone so that I can come back to a peaceful home after a tiring day and after that, all I want to do is sip a cup of coffee and curl to watch my favorite movie or read a book I have been dying to read all day.

Do you stay alone?? If yes, why??

I will love to hear from you… 🙂



Put Anger to rest

Recently I watched a movie, AMU recommended by one of my friends. I think, each movie we see changes our perspective of things around us and about things which happened in past. Well, this particular movie clearly will, for better or for worse. 🙂

The plot circles around the concept of ’84 riots which happened in India. After the assassination of Indira Gandhi by two Sikh (Satwant Singh and Beant Singh), the countrymen turned against all the Sikhs present in their vicinity. It pains me so much, to think of all the people who turned into murderers that day.

The question which come to one’s mind is “How can one kill someone who was your acquaintance just yesterday?” Though the assassination was an atrocious crime to commit but was seeking justice by turning against each and every person who was Sikh, correct?

Being angry is natural but acting logically is a choice. There were people in those regions who were not Sikh but were willing to risk their life by helping fellow Sikhs to seek shelter in their homes. It’s not about win or lose, it’s about applying your head to understand that not everyone was guilty and not everyone needs to be punished. Break some dishes or glasses or burn the biggest bonfire ever, if you want to display your emotions and rebel, but taking lives is never an answer. As rightly said by John Steinback:


Reason given for the behavior was that they were brain-washed by politicians. Now i will like to comment here that politicians and power buffs remain in power for a reason, there are people to support them. There are people who are influenced by them. It is vital for people to understand that they are the power and they should act against their better judgment of what could be right or wrong. I will like to iterate that it is not only about India or Indians, the same follows for all the nations around the world. There are instances of cruelties done in every part of the world, terrorism is just one of the examples.

Instead of interpreting everything in dark, I pray let people see light, and see the better way of dealing stuff instead of reaching for innocent hearts with a dagger. I’ll end with a famous quote by Kimberly Jones:

Peace_Kimberly Jones
Quote by Kimberly Jones

You can find the movie at this link: