No Goals–> Couch Potato

The ‘no-goal’ decision taken in my previous post Do we always need to have a goal?  is not working for me.

I tried hard to not to pick up a goal and lived like that. But I realized that without a goal, am pretty much a couch potato (Useless).

So like the comments on my post about -Short and long term goals, I’m going to do the exact opposite of what I started out to do. I am going to create some short and long term for myself:

  • Going to learn a new language: I always wanted to learn a new language. So I will just randomly pick on one language and try to learn at least the basic syllables so that I am able to, at least, converse at a basic level. Are you getting a Geek alert from me ?? Sorry am not one!


  • Learn to be with a pet: I know you’ll be thinking what a weird person. I must tell you I am literally afraid of all kinds of pets. So I am going to be with a pet and be very friendly with it. Fingered crossed !Will complete this without freaking out.


  • Learn a musical Instrument: This will go into my long term plan, as I know from my experience that learning a musical instrument takes practice -lots of it. So I have a keyboard at home, I’ll get it from my hometown when I go for Christmas. So sadly, it will shift to next year.


  • Go for morning walk: I have always been very health conscious. Evening jogs are my favorite. But recently, because of my work that is not possible and I am not a morning person. So somewhere drawing a line between my laziness and my work life, I’ll get up at 7:00am for morning walk from Monday (I can sleep till then, a girl needs to have her reward right?)


These are the goals that I can think of right now. It will evolve, I know with time, as I grow, as I go to new places and as I get to know more people .

Let me know about your goals and your struggles surrounding it. Will love to hear from you guys.


Letter to a friend

LetterToAFriendRecently, one of my friends lost her brother. I wanted to tell her how sorry I was and imagined on hugging her tightly to ease her pain. But when I met her, the only thing that I was able to phrase was “How are you?”

We talked about her brother for a little while and then changed the course of conversation to a much lighter tone about movies and books as if nothing has changed. Maybe she changed the topic so that I can be comfortable being in her room with her. ‘I am comfortable with the pain you are in and I want to comfort to you’, I wanted to say. But all I was able to do was go along with the flow.

How do you comfort a person (stronger than you) who has gone through such a major loss? How do you fill the gap piece by piece so that the whole frame won’t fall apart? Is just sitting quietly in one room enough, conveying the message that I am here for you?

Apparently there is no hard and fast rule on how to make other people feel better, it gets harder if that friend is one of your dear ones. I told her to keep busy so that she can’t spare any time for her pain. Sorry friend, but this was only way I could think of comforting you and keeping you away from your aching thoughts.

I wanted to tell you the other time to share with me everything so that you can feel light. Tell me everything about him so that I can know what he was like as we have never talked about him till now. I traced my steps till your door many a time after the first meeting but was not able to enter the door thinking I might disturb you in some way and may cause you more pain, in my carelessness.

Yet, next time we met, all I could do was pass a smile to let you know that I am there for you.