Dealing with Choice paradox


We have so many options but still we are confused of what we want among those options.

When we were kids, we knew what we wanted, when we had set our eyes on ‘it’. It was love at first sight. We just knew….we got to have that or we will just die.

There was that time and here is now.

We are so much mature than what we were few years back, and ironically, we don’t know what we want now in our life. Everything confuses us. EVERYTHING! There is a choice paradox -we are given so many choices and because we have grown up, we need to act like grown up. We need to look at the pros and cons of all the stuff that we think we want. The love-at-first-sight phenomenon doesn’t have its intended effect on us. We have become too guarded.

What should one do then? We can’t go back now… as we are all grown up.

We know that we are indecisive about our choices most of the time and “it depends” forms the answer to most questions that life throws at us. So let’s do one thing, at least we know what we don’t want in our life. Our years growing up has at least taught us this that somethings shouldn’t be in our life no-matter-what. Everyone knows that feeling right? So let’s just do exactly that and see how this choice paradox in our life gets little better, if not, solved completely.


Do we always need to have a goal?


Today as I was going for lunch, I was thinking about the project I was working and planning how to do the best in it. Thats when i realised that i was always planning about future, I mean, every sec of the day!

I am person who has been always focused in life. There has never been a time when i dint have a goal in my mind. In childhood, it was to become a doctor(dint happen! ouch!)but well i has a goal. Smaller ones we tend to forget as we achieve it like winning that sprint or getting spared from punishment.

From graduation till today, I had always some or the other goal in my mind, to keep me working towards it and to avoid being lazy basically.

But i wonder what would have happened if I had let go. What would happen if I dint think about tomorrow and just live(That’s what all the quotes now-a-days are about. right?) what if I did just that–I wonder will I succeed /fail /get lost?

What do you think ,dear readers? Happy to always hear from you.


Courage like a child.

I wish I were a kid again.


No matter what you do when you are young, you are the best in that. Well, you do wait for appreciation once you are finished, even if you don’t get it.. it really doesn’t matter. You forget about it after some time,as you have so many things which can engage your mind that .

As you grow up, you shy away from things. The very thing that you thought you were best at, when you were a kid.. you get to know that there are many people who are better than you. In short, you are not good enough!

Now you are shy to sing, to dance, to paint, to build because you are not good as THEM.

I wish we could all go back to who we were when we were kids and think how you would have behaved given a situation.

I’ll give you an example from my life. I dread making food for someone. That is am not a terrible cook but am not good as THEM mentality have taken shape in my mind. Growing up with the same thinking for long time, makes you believe in it quite strongly.

Child like confidence to believe in themselves just because you are doing it and because it  feels great. Dear Readers, try to find that courage in yourself( as am doing it myself),let it be in very simple impromptu situations. Don’t let the age make you old. Hey! It’s just a number, some wise man said.

Stay childish! Stay blessed!