Haww! Living alone?

Living alone?

Why would you do that to yourself? Who would you talk to?

Don’t you feel alone?

It’s so difficult to do everything on your own.


Ridiculous! But by the way, everything is true.

Despite all of this, people opt to stay by themselves. WHY?

I stay alone so that I can come back to a peaceful home after a tiring day and after that, all I want to do is sip a cup of coffee and curl to watch my favorite movie or read a book I have been dying to read all day.

Do you stay alone?? If yes, why??

I will love to hear from you… 🙂



6 thoughts on “Haww! Living alone?

  1. Sometimes we do feel like staying alone to be able to get some peace, and do things which requires concentration or quite atmosphere. But even when. Get alone I am unable to do so. I lose interest and loneliness overshadows. I don’t like to be alone now a days 🙂

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    1. Yea Lonehea! It can get lonely sometimes, but then i just call up my friends and go out with them. By staying alone, ofcourse you don’t have seclude yourself from everyone and be a loner. Two very different things.

      Plus you can always have a potluck partyyy with your friends/family 😉 One of my friends kept a pet with her to give her company. 😛 Hope this helps! 😉


      1. Hi, My life is bit complicated. I do lovr pets and to have lots of friends. But for few reasons I can’t have a pet. I have a hectic work schedule and no one cooperates. I don’t have much real life friends who stay nearby or likes to hang out. For making new friends it’s required to go out more. And that’s a constraint too. 😦

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      2. Oh I am so sorry dear! Sounds like you are having a tough life… but once in a while please go out and talk to people no matter how busy your schedule is.. 😦 it is not a promise but sometime it does solve a lot of problems..


  2. I live with family. Thought about the lifestyle change of living alone sometime ago. I just did not feel I could live without being around others. It is a tradeoff though, sharing time and space with them has fun times and support but the other side is the personal time. Sometimes, I just want to sit for an evening and work on my blog or watch tv without fighting for the remote. Still, I am happy with my choice. I love family dinner time, can’t eat alone 🙂

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